3 perfect looks for a girls night out

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Since not everything can be planned as far in advance as we would like, when we look at the clock, there are only a couple of hours until the start of the big night. The best moments are those when we 'stumble' almost by chance and decide to go with everything. However, when we have to build a look in such a short space of time, we can't overthink it.

To save you time (and control those nerves), we've put together three looks perfect for a memorable night out in the best of company - our most of all, our friends!


The most suitable colour to wear from head to toe is, without a doubt, black. Nothing gives off a more sophisticated and extravagant vibe than this colour. This is a suitable look if you don't feel confident enough in combining different shades and allows you to experiment, with more confidence, with different and contrasting materials that will make the outfit stand out.


The combination of your dreams, for both formal and informal evenings. Skirts can be long, short, tight, sexy, shiny... They are everything you need, and if you have 15(!) in your wardrobe, you have a world of choices at your disposal. Bodies are a bonus, and we recommend fabrics that enhance curves and extraordinary necklines!

The biggest challenge will be gaining confidence in colour combination and contrast play. So you need to be sure of the pieces you want to combine. Choosing a dress is much more consensual, but the skirt/bodycon combination suits all seasons and gives you that casual chic aura.


A trousers and blazer set is always available in the wardrobe for when we need it most. It fits comfortably to the body and becomes easy to combine with shirts, blouses or tops.

If the working day gets longer and you don't have as much time as you would like to get ready, don't despair, two details can make all the difference. Swap the shirt for a relaxed, close-fitting top and ditch the heels for comfortable, yet elegant, footwear.

And above all, relax. In the eyes of those who are there in good times and bad, wearing a smile is the achievement of the night.

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